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Cash Register Express by pcAmerica
Cash Register Express by pcAmerica

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gift card and loyalty program

Did you know?

Computerizing can easily cut your cost by 5%.

Typical savings is $83.33 per day in lower operational costs, reduced loss and more efficient custormer service.

Gift Card & Loyalty are buit in CPE. There are no transaction fees for gift-card purchases!

You can market your business through RPE with Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare.

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An old cash register can’t keep up with the vigorous demands of managing your business and provide the best level of service your customers deserve.  That’s why computerizing your business with a United States of POS Retail System powered by pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express (CRE) is a smart business decision.

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About the Software:

Cash Register Express (CRE) is an award winning Retail Point of Sale program that gives retailers the ability to check out customers fast, manage inventory efficiently, reduce or eliminate shrinkage, manage employee and labor cost as well as market to customers based on purchasing trends.

The Perfect Match:
A United States Retail POS system powered by pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express is the perfect match for:

  • Convenience  Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Grocery & Supermarket
  • Deli’s
  • Clothing/Apparel
  • Gift Shops
  • Dollar & Discount Stores
  • Electronic & Cellular Phone Stores
  • Video Game & Music Stores
  • Cigar Shops
  • Video & Equipment Rentail
  • Book Stores
  • Chains or Independents (learn more)
       Cash Register Express

Benefits of using CRE:

  • Fast and Simple Checkout - Items can be rung up fast by simply scanning the barcode on the product that’s being sold.  There is also a touch screen that allows you to ring up items or services that might not have a barcode.   The built in fast payment tender interface allows you to take payment for cash, credit, gift card, check and on account quickly and accurately.
  • Process Credit, Debit and Gift Cards – CRE has integrated transaction processing for credit, debit and gift-card including tips.  RPE can process card transactions as little as 2-3 seconds with an internet connection.  CRE also works with many popular pin-pad and signature capture pads.
  • Flexibility to meet needs of any retail - Whether you need the ability to print labels with a barcode printer or weigh items with a scale, CRE can accommodate virtually any retail business.
  • Manage your business easily and efficient - With over 80 built in reports, quickbooks integration, ability to create purchase orders, built in inventory control and employee scheduling and labor control managing your business has never been easier. 
  • Manage a customer DB and increase business: CRE offers an intuitive customer DB that has built in customer loyalty program,  a mass email tool and the functionality to track buying trends.  You can also run a customer loyalty program through CRE and social media with Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare.  Call a United States of POS rep for more info today! 855-876-3767
  • Industry leading support - CRE offers 24/7 365 Unlimited tech support for the first 3 months.  Yearly support is available at an affordable rate.  1 Hour Over the Phone training packs, DB imports and more are also available at a low cost.
Other CRE Features:

  • Print gift receipts, track gift registry
  • Gift Cards and Store credit with no transactions fees
  • Item look up by description
  • Built in Styles Matrix tracking sizes and colors
  • Kits and Item Grouping
  • Rental tracking with due dates and late charges
  • Bar code label printing
  • Create discount and coupons
  • Sale pricing, time based pricing, Mix & Match pricing, bulk pricing
  • ID Age Verifcation
  • Integration with DVR
  • Ability to manage inventory wirelessly with a certified handheld pda
  • Purchase Orders, set reorder levels
  • Low stock alerts
  • Track serial numbers
  • EBT & Food Stamps
  • Weight Scale support, NTEP/Government certified
  • Suspend and recall on hold transactions
  • Labor Scheduler, Job Codes, Security permissions
  • Clock In/Clock out/Breaks
  • Sales Person commission tracking
  • Over 80 built in reports, Integration with Quickbooks
Cash Register express
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